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Port Stanley to Buenos Aires

February 6, 2012 – Port Stanley, Falkland Islands

Port Stanley is a tender port and is subject to high winds (which we had) leading to an exciting 45-minute trip from the ship to the port. Wind and waves caused water to splash into the tender boat getting more than a few passengers wet; but Roberta and I were “dry” when we got ashore.

After a short ride from the port to a nearby camp (Murrell Farm), we transferred to 4x4s for a 60-minute off road ride to see the Rock Hopper Penguins. The route passed across the peaty moor to the cliffs overlooking the ocean. We were in an older Land Rover for what turned out to be a rather bumpy ride – but a lot of fun.

The Rock Hoppers are about 2 ½ to 3 feet tall with yellow feathers coming from the area of their ears.



When we got back to Stanley the tenders were not running. Due to the high wind the Prinsendam had to be moved in the harbor. We (along with many others) repaired to a local pub for fish and chips and a pint of British Beer (Bishop’s Finger). After we finished our lunch the tenders began to run again and we returned to the ship.

Ross Road, Stanley:


February 7-8, 2012

The seventh and eighth were sea days with lots of lectures and other activities. We’re on our way to Buenos Aires.

One of the lectures was a wrap-up panel discussion with the Captain and the Antarctic Excursion team (Team Leader, Ice Pilot, Naturalist and Historian). We also attended a wine tasting where the object was to pick the $100 wine from three that were tasted. Two of the wines were priced at about $25 and one was over $100. John Alongé gave a talk on wine pricing before we started the tasting. Neither Roberta nor I choose the correct wine. She chose a Cabernet Sauvignon and I choose a Zinfandel. The correct choice was a Brunello. Really, they were all good.

February 9-10, 2012 – Buenos Aires, Argentina


We were late arriving in Buenos Aires and our planned activity was cancelled because not enough people signed up anyway. We weren’t able to go ashore until after lunch so we decided to walk to the Jewish Museum and to see a little of the city on the way. We had a guided tour of the synagogue of the Jewish Congregation of the Argentine Republic and the museum along with a young couple from Russia.


The second day in Buenos Aires we had a short visit to some of the city highlights and then went to the town of Tigre for a riverboat trip on Tiger Delta. Tigre is the center of rowing in Argentina and has many rowing and sailing clubs along the river. The town also has an amusement park and many swim clubs as well.


A network of rivers or canals separates the islands formed by the river delta and there are many homes built along the water. The interiors of the islands, which are small, are marshy and not used for home building. The only way to get to the islands is by boat and all services are provided by boat. We saw grocery boats, postal boats, medical clinic boats and even the garbage collection boat.


Lunch was at a restaurant on the river named Gato Blanco.


That’s all folks…  Bj


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2 thoughts on “Port Stanley to Buenos Aires

  1. Gary Dorsay on said:

    When we went, I enjoyed the Tigre Delta. We also enjoyed the city and lunch there.
    We hit heavy rains on our trip to Port Stanley and I kept wondering if it was really worth the trip to see the Penguins.
    Not many places to eat in Port Stanley. Its a very small town where every person does about 6 jobs.
    Was there any commentary about The British Troup being there to handle the oil issue.

  2. thanks.very good blog and very good share.

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